When you make your way to WindsorEats for some Rico Taco and our insanely popular margaritas this Saturday, there’ll be something else delicious to munch on.

The talented Chef Rob Nesbitt and Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Company are up to some culinary shenanigans and will be on our massive patio, helping you soak in the sun with good eats. The duo, let’s call them Robbie², will be cooking up some gourmet corn dogs using some of Robbie’s most popular sausages.



What Flavours Are They?

First up is the Mac & Cheese Corn Dog, which is stuffed with bacon, macaroni and cheese, and sausage, topped with a house made garlic aioli.

Next, Robbie² are hitting you up with a classic, Coney-style corn dog that’s stuffed with chili, cheese, bacon and sausage, before being topped with a house made honey Dijon mustard.

If those two offerings aren’t already making you drool, this next dish will put you over the top. In addition to the two corn dogs, you absolutely need to try their boneless ribs with old school, stick-to-your-ribs BBQ sauce. Like, insanely good.

The Robbie’s will be available on the WindsorEats patio on Saturday, May 14, 2022, from 11am-9pm, along with Rico Taco. Also, seriously. Try our margaritas. You won’t be disappointed.

Our location is 400 Erie St. E., in Windsor, Ontario.