Gift giving is never an easy task, but, we’re trying to make it a little bit easier to give to those who like to imbibe from time to time.

The Bevy Box by WindsorEats is an awesome way to support multiple craft producers and small businesses across Canada. We have collaborated with amazing businesses to put together some pretty great boxes.

Each item in the Bevy Box is carefully curated by, Pina and Adriano, owners of WindsorEats and the Bevy Box. This means that every item in the box is something that we love from small producers. We hope you love them too.

With delivery across Ontario, here are three Bevy Boxes we think are perfect for helping you show those you love that you care, whether they live near you or not.



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If you’re giving a gift to someone who absolutely loves the brews being pumped out of Windsor region, this is the Bevy Box to give. They’ll receive a specially curated 6-pack of beers from breweries in and around Windsor, Ontario.

This 6-Pack Windsor Mixer is all about variety as it provides the element of surprise. We deliver an everchanging selection of craft beers from 6 different breweries in Canada’s southernmost region right to your door.

It’s perfect to enjoy over dinner, while daydreaming about cottaging, or while screaming obscenities at the TV while watching the hockey game.



Know someone who loves trying new beers? We got you.

The  6-Pack Ontario Mixer has on continually searching around the province, selecting beers that we enjoy and think you will, too.

Much like the 6-Pack Windsor Mixer, it’s an ever changing selection of 6 beers from across Ontario are packed up and delivered right to your doorstep.

Some examples of recent breweries we’ve selected from have been from Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto, Shillow Beer Co. in Ottawa, and Skeleton Park Brewery in Kingston.

It’s ideal for the gift receiver to enjoy while in their (wo)mancave, on the dock fishing, or trying to sound cool to their friends when they ask them if they’ve ever tried one of the beers you gave them.



The perfect Bevy Box those with a furry companion.

They’ll be able to hand their fur baby some locally made treats from Pawsitively A Dog Thing while they get to enjoy some drinkable treats of their own. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be beer. You can choose any type of beverage from wine to tea.

Did we mention they’ll even get a stylish bow tie to ensure their puppers will look better than they ever will? Ya. We said it.