Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras. Shrove Tuesday. Let’s be serious. Around Windsor-Essex we all know it as one thing: Pączki Day.

Don’t know what a pączki is? Well, originating from Poland, pączki are deep-fried pieces of sweet dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with a sweet filling. They are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing or a glaze. I guess in the simplest terms they’re like a giant filled donut. Most people here in Windsor pronounce it POONCH-KEY, but whatever you call it, we can all agree they are delicious.

With the annual tradition of Pączki Day upon us once again (February 16, 2021), we thought we’d share some hot spots in and around Windsor, Ontario, to fill your pączki cravings.

Just remember, there’s a pandemic happening so traditions are a bit different this year. Gone will be the lineups you normally see. Order your pączki in advance!



We’re starting the list off with the OG of pączki in Windsor. When locals hear the word Pączki more likely than not they automatically think of Blak’s Bakery. Over 100 years old, they normally make over 40,000 Pączki just in the week leading up to Pączki  Day.

Blak’s will be pre-boxing in half dozen and dozen sized boxes. They’ll have plenty of flavours available including lemon, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, custard, spiced apple and plum.

They’ll be available February 11-16 within the bakery and they will not be taking orders.



Just down the road from Blak’s Bakery is Mancini’s Italia Bakery. They’ll have 6 traditional flavours available (lemon, Bavarian custard, raspberry, strawberry, apple spice and blueberry) as well as two specialty flavours (cannoli and Nutella).

While you’re there, grab something from their hot table to also enjoy as a quick meal.



Looking for a “healthier” pączki? Brandner Farms will once again be selling their baked and organic pączki, available through pre-ordering. They are serving up traditional vanilla custard, chocolate custard, lemon, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry flavours.



If you’re out in the Leamington area, Lakeside Bakery is a great stop to get your Pączki fix. Pre-ordering is available, but isn’t necessary. However, if you are ordering in advance, you must order at least 3 dozen.

They’ll be offering a variety of flavours like custard, lemon, plum, apple, raspberry, strawberry and whipped cream.

If you’re from Windsor and craving a Lakeside Pączki, but can’t get out to Leamington, you’re in luck. Lakeside’s Pączki will also be available at Remark Farms, Demarco’s Fine Foods and Fred’s Farm Fresh.



They’re known for their donuts, and they make a great pączki, too! Available in quantities of a half dozen and dozen, they’ll have 8 flavours to choose from: custard, lemon, cherry, chocolate, prune, blueberry, strawberry and apple.

The bakery recommends ordering before February 13.



Are you vegan but still want to indulge on Pączki Day? Plant Joy is taking pre-orders, however, you’ve got to act fast as they end soon! Unfortunately, they won’t be offering same-day orders, but they are offering curbside pickup and delivery!



Sweet Revenge Bake Shop is making a limited run of pączki this year. Place your orders in advance before they sell out. Pick up is only  available Tuesday, February 16 from 8am to 3pm.⠀

These won’t be your traditional pączki, either. Their flavours will include Dunkaroos, Caramel Custard, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Mousse.