Windsor-Essex has officially been downgraded to a lockdown in Level Grey in the Province of Ontario’s new colour coded COVID system.

The region is going from Red to Grey beginning on Monday, December 7, 2020. What does this mean for food and drink establishments? Let us break down for you the key changes in Grey-Lockdown that apply to restaurants, bars, food trucks, concession stands, and other food or drink establishments:

New rules in Level Grey:

  • Indoor and outdoor dining services are prohibited (with limited exceptions such as in hospitals or airports)
  • Take out, drive thru, and food delivery is permitted. This also includes alcohol sales.
  • Nightclubs and strip clubs are only permitted to open solely as a food or drink establishments and comply with the points above.

In Grey Lockdown, they are essentially removing away indoor/outdoor dining entirely. There aren’t any specific hours of operation that’s been assigned for closure of take-out/delivery services at any of the coloured levels, so premises can continue to remain open for those services without being subject to a specific closure time.

This is an extremely difficult time for small businesses, their owners and their families, financially and mentally. If you are fortunate to have money to spend, we encourage you to spend as much of your dollars at local businesses as possible to help out your community members.