Rico Taco Mexican Street Eats has officially opened a brick and mortar location.

As a result of their huge popularity and success at the WindsorEats Outdoor Food Hall, Rico Taco found a location to pump out their birria tacos from.


Previous to the Outdoor Food Hall, Rico Taco solely operated at festivals and events throughout Ontario. They were the first to introduce birria tacos to Windsor at the food hall and sales just took off, leading to a strong demand for them to open a location.


The Outdoor Food Hall was a huge success, generating over $113,000 in spending at local food and drink establishments struggling due to restrictions during the pandemic.

The restaurant will currently operate as a pop-up, renting a kitchen on Ottawa Street which allows them to serve items like their beef birria tacos, beef birria burritos and even beef birria fries.

You can view more information about Rico Taco here.