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Everyone knows about the warm, bite sized cinnamon donuts that Colasanti’s is famous for. But how could you resist a Colasanti Boston Cream Donut, filled with custard and dipped in chocolate frosting? The answer is you can’t. You just can’t.



Raspberry Dip vegan donut from Plant Joy in Windsor, Ontario.
Raspberry Dip vegan donut from Plant Joy in Windsor, Ontario.

Most people don’t even realize the incredibly addictive donuts from Plant Joy are vegan. They’re currently open for walk-ins (damn you, COVID!), but they are taking preorders two days in advance via their website.

Plant Joy is constantly switching up the flavours they offer but some of our favourites are cinnamon sugar, cookies n creme, lemon lavender, and this sexy raspberry dip shown here.



Fritter French Toast from Garfield's in Essex, Ontario.
Fritter French Toast from Garfield’s in Essex, Ontario.

Garfield’s is a cute little diner out in wine country that you wouldn’t necessarily first think of when you think donuts. But owner Chelsae Schurman is always creating exciting and unique dishes and she did it again with donuts as a twist.

The Fritter French Toast is on their weekend breakfast menu. It’s an apple and blueberry fritters that’s halved, dipped in French toast batter, fried up and then serves with caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Chelsae likes to say that it’s a great way to eat one and a half donuts for breakfast without having to say you ate one and half donuts for breakfast. We like her style.