A classic Indian dish has made its way to Windsor, Ontario, and gaining popularity with folks who enjoy a little heat in their meals.

India Paradise, located in the heart of Ottawa Street, has added Chicken 65 to their menu. The dish is a popular classic in South Indian cuisine. It is believed to have originated from Chennai and was introduced in 1965 at the famous Buhari Restaurant.

The name of this bright red dish creates intrigue, as it is not known exactly what the 65 stands for. There have been several theories of what the 65 in Chicken 65 means and while they are all widely believed and shared, none have been proven to be fact.

The first is simple enough: Mr Buhari named “Chicken 65” after the year it was invented in his hotel and gained popularity while others say that the special chicken dish was the 65th item on the menu of the restaurant.

Chicken 65 from India Paradise in Windsor, Ontario.
Chicken 65 from India Paradise in Windsor, Ontario.

A third theory that is popular among various chefs and the hospitality industry is that the original recipe included 65 different ingredients. The spiciness of the dish has created a fourth theory which believes that the original recipe called for 65 chili peppers for every kilogram of chicken.

The most outlandish version indicates that the number refers to the age of the chicken used. Yup. You heard that right. The chicken meat was said to be aged for 65 days before being cooked. Apparently this added a special flavour to it. This belief is most likely rumour.

So what exactly can you expect from Chicken 65?

In India, it’s a popular bar snack and available almost everywhere, from upscale bars to highway dhabas (freeway side stalls). The chicken is coated in a multi-spice marinade that includes ginger, garlic, red chili and vinegar. After marinading, it’s then deep, which you can never go wrong with that. Also, did we mention it packs some heat? With all the chili peppers in it, you may need a handkerchief to wipe your brow while eating.

So if you enjoy a little heat on your palate, head over to India Paradise to give it try. You won’t be disappointed.