WindsorEats and our Traveller mobile bar will be back at the Mill Street Market this weekend serving a Canadian twist on a Caribbean classic. Come enjoy some eats and treats up and down Mill Street in Leaminton, Ontario, and swing by our setup and grab yourself a Canadian Mojito.

Traditionally, a mojito is made with rum, sugar, mint and lime juice, then topped with seltzer water. We’re taking that great classic and turning into a Canadian cocktail.

We’ll be showcasing some great, Canadian ingredients by replacing the rum with locally made Canadian whisky. The patriotic twist doesn’t stop there as we’ll replace the sugar with Canadian maple syrup.

The Mill Street Night Market in Leamington, Ontario.
The Mill Street Night Market in Leamington, Ontario.

It’s a refreshing cocktail to help you hang onto the summer days for another night.

The Mill Street Market will feature delicious street food, handcrafted items, vintage clothing and antiques, craft beer and cocktails, local wine and music. They’ll be free for the public to attend and open to all ages. It takes place Friday, September 6, 2019.

Mill Street West, located smack dab in the core of Leamington, will be closed to vehicles, creating a pedestrian-only thoroughfare. Guests will be able to shop at up to 20 vendors who will compliment the businesses already located on that section of the street. There will also be local craft beer and wine to go along with the live music and delicious eats.

In addition to this Friday, the market will also be held on October 4 (at Mersea Park) and November 23.