GL Heritage Brewing is inviting you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with them all weekend long!

The Amhestburg brewery will be offering up a special Mexican menu just for the occasion, as well as serving their popular cheladas – a delightful and refreshing concoction with their Back Shop Brew Blonde Ale and frozen margarita.

Since it’s the first weekend in May, their extended hours also kick off this weekend, so you can maximize your celebration time with them.

There’s more! GL Heritage is also launching a brand new beer. The CaJen Pale Ale is made with pineapples and chilies and comes with a 4.9ABV and 26IBU.

There is always a story behind the name…and no, it is not misspelled! The ladies behind the business, Cathy & Jen (Ca-Jen, get it?), have been asking brewer Dwayne for a sweet and spicy ale recipe. He finally caved and delivered one in style. It’s a smooth and refreshing ale, sweet and medium-bodied with a gently spicy finish.