The Cloud 9 cocktail created by Tom Scully and served at F&B Walkerville in Windsor, Ontario.

Local Bartender and Restaurant Get Massive Shout Out From Campari

A local bartender just received a huge shout out from Campari.

The Cloud 9 cocktail, created by mixologist Tom Scully, was recently showcased on Campari’s global Instagram page for all the world’s Campari fans to see.

It consists of Campari, Giffard Pomplemousse, Prosecco, soda and F&B bitters and is then topped with a lemon Chardonnay meringue.

The cocktail is currently on the recent menu offered at restaurant F&B. It’s yet another feather to the cap of not just Tom and F&B, but the entire regions food and drink scene.

Campari is an Italian alcoholic spirit obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water.

Credit for the photo above goes out to none other than Tom Scully himself.


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