The Balvenie Brand Ambassador for Canada will be attending the 2019 Whiskytown Festival.

Jamie Johnson’s love of whisky began many years ago when she made an impulsive visit to a distillery in Kentucky in the middle of a road trip. She’s been enchanted ever since.

In 2014, she began offering casual, fun and approachable whisky tastings in her home. The tastings were so popular, she was forced to expand beyond her Toronto living room. She then began partnering with some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants to host monthly tastings. Her whisky club, Bourbon Thing, continued to grow rapidly and provide a space for whisky aficionados and newbies alike to enjoy a dram, a laugh and some whisky education together.

Jamie is also co-host of a popular weekly Whisky Podcast, The Whisky Topic with Whisky Author, Mark Bylok.

The Whiskytown Festival takes place in Windsor, Ontario, also known as Whiskytown, Canada. The festival itself will take place in historic Walkerville, a neighbourhood in the heart of Windsor, Ontario and the original company town built and designed by Hiram Walker, whisky baron and creator of world-famous Canadian Club whisky.

Tickets for the festival are available online.