Chapter Two Brewing Company has released a new beer this week that will make Belgian beer lovers rejoice.

The beer itself has no real name, so when you head in just ask for the Belgian. Chapter Two brewer, Michael Beaudoin, told how how traditionally beers were not really given names. It was solely the brewery name and some numerical value to indicate strength, or a coloured label. So with that in mind, he loosely mimicked this latest release on a Belgian Dubbel and the movie Memento.

Mike’s travels to Belgium have really inspired him and been the source of his driving focus at the moment. As a result, we’re expecting to see more Belgian influenced beers hit the taps at Chapter Two.

The beer itself has an aroma of dark fruit, malt and spice (earthy, not heat). The taste is raisin, figs and dates with a touch spice. The finish is dry and complete at 7.5% and with exceptional drinkability.

We recommend enjoying it during their weekly game nights on Wednesday. Uno anyone?