An iconic Canadian dish: the poutine.

If You Love Poutine You Have To Experience This Tour

It’s always a special day when you participate in the world’s very first poutine tour.

If you’re visiting Canada for the very first time, have never had a poutine, or just love it so much you can’t get enough, you need to try this experience.

The Great Canadian Poutine Experience walks through what is affectionately known as the “Poot Route” in Windsor, Ontario on a quintessentially Canadian tour focused around the iconic dish.

He curd hardly contain his excitement eating his poutine.
He curd hardly contain his excitement eating his poutine.

In what is utter gluttony, participants indulge in four…yes, you read that right….four hefty servings of poutine.

One of the great things about the tour is the diversity of the poutine you’ll eat will reflect the diversity of the community. The latest tour had a classic poutine with Montreal smoked meat spread over top and served by a Montreal native at Malic’s Deli to a Gnocchi Poutine at Bread Meats Bread to show the reflection of the large Italian community in the city.

Poutine everywhere!
Poutine everywhere!

Guests even stopped at Canada’s best live music venue for a poutine and to take part in their own personal Coaster Throwing Championship, a creation of the bar.


Of course, if you’re eating four poutine you need to walk it off. Along the “Poot Route”, you’ll stroll through the downtown core, learning nuggets of Canadiana history along the way.

So now the question is, who’s ready to go on The Great Canadian Poutine Experience?


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