Anne Marie Fortner is an avid long distance adventurer, talented environmental educator and outdoor expedition guide. Her passion for the environment, physical challenges, the love of travel and Pelee Island, led her to establish Explore Pelee, an ecotourism business on Pelee Island, 10 years ago.

She’s worked as a forest firefighter in Northern Ontario, navigated a 1000km ancient native canoe route from Winnipeg, backpacked 3400km on the Appalachian Trail and just recently spent 5 months learning to sail and living on sailboat while travelling central America.

She now lives on Pelee Island seasonally and runs Explore Pelee full time.

On this episode we talk to Anne Marie about her travels, tuk tuks and living life on the island.

Resources Mentioned on this Episode:

Explore Pelee

Pelee Island

Pelee Island Ferry

Lift Series

Pelee Island Bird Observatory Dinner

Total Recall Women’s Retreat


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