The earth wasn’t the only thing shaking last night. Is it a coincidence that ground started shaking as we were thinking about a list of a few of our favourite dishes? I don’t think so. We think you’ll appreciate these three must try dishes that will rock your world.


There’s a reason that this burger from Billy’s Taphouse made it onto our 2018 Must Try Burger list. A beef patty with bacon, habanero jack cheese, jalapenos, barbeque chipotle sauce and potato crisps on a fresh brioche bun. It’s earth shatteringly good.


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Alex Ethier of Malic’s Deli is a Montreal native so by default, he knows poutine. This dish is stacked with Malic’s signature Montreal smoked meat over cheese curds and fries. It’s not hard to understand why it’s on our Poutine tour.


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Rino’s Kitchen never disappoints. Their always changing menu continuously offers up something delicious. This lamb shank is slowly braised in a mild jerk inspired sauce and served with roast yam and vegetables.