There you is always lots happening at The Butcher of Kingsville and this month is no exception. Here’s is a list of amazing deals you can score this month.

Organic Chicken
The shop have a new supplier and are offering a sale for customers to try it out.

Sausages, Sausages, Sausages
There is always a great variety of sausage flavours in the shop and this month is no exception. They have 3 sausages highlighted this month:

  • Apple Bacon
  • Fireworks (jalapeno cheese curds)
  • Pear, Leek and Blue Cheese

If sausage ain’t your thing, try their Cranberry Dijon Turkey Burger or pick up their soup/salad of the month: a roasted garlic, parsnip and white bean soup and a brussel sprout and bacon slaw.

Bone Broth
Bone broth is known for it’s healing and beneficial properties. Stop by the shop and have a cup.

Grass Fed Beef

The shop offers 100% grass fed and finished beef as part of a beef share program. Call the shop for additional details and how to be added to the list.

Cheese of the Day
It’s not just about meat at The Butcher of Kingsville. There is always an amazing selection of cheese in the shop.