Say "beer"!
Say “beer”!

One thing the Windsor Craft Beer Festival is proud of is staying true to craft beer, with no spirits or wine are available for purchase at the event. That being said, several non-beer drinkers still come to the event and become converted.

Here are three great options that can start off those non-beer drinkers with and get them realizing that not all beers are the same, you just have to find the one that suits your palate.

Old Tomorrow – Honey Ginger Shandy

It’s not a beer. It’s a beer cocktail.

The Honey Ginger Shandy is as easy-drinking as you can get and satisfies any thirst. At only 3% alcohol, it’s a great substitute for lighter beers.


WindsorEats – Wagner Orchards Cherry Cider

No, WindsorEats hasn’t started making beverages, but, we are showcasing one in our Traveller that has quickly become a smash hit in Windsor. earlier this year Wagner Orchards created a new cider to go along with their original: Cherry Cider.

Local establishments, like Phog Lounge, haven’t been able to keep the Cherry Cider on their shelves as they’ve been going through kegs of it in the matter of days.

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St. Ambroise – Apricot Wheat Ale

St. Ambroise has always been a hit at the Windsor Craft Beer Festival since the inaugural event and one of their best sellers has always been the Apricot Wheat Ale. It’s light and easy drinking with that refreshing taste of apricot, which helps those who “don’t like the taste of beer”.