Sneak Peek at Tiki Sushi's 2017 Winter Bites Menu

Tiki Sushi is participating in the 2017 Winter Bites Restaurant Week

Tiki Sushi is offering up a 2017 Winter Bites Restaurant Week menu you won’t want to miss. Chef Ted Dimoglou gave us a sneak peek and taste of the menu which we’re very excited to share.

Fresh oysters from Tiki Sushi
Fresh oysters from Tiki Sushi

One of the choices in the first course of the 3-course menu is fresh oysters with horseradish, pepper sauce and onion mignonette.

Who's got fish balls? Tiki's got fish balls!
Who’s got fish balls? Tiki’s got fish balls!

If oysters aren’t really your thing, one of the first course options is also Thai Fish Balls, a new creation from Ted that brings a little bit of heat to your palate. Made with ground salmon and tuna, yellow and red curry, coconut cream, ginger and thai basil, it’s a dish for those liking a little more zing in their foods.

A new sushi roll at the restaurant being served up is the Big Mac. With chimichurri beef, mushroom, lettuce, scallion, rolled in crispy onion and served in house mayo, it tastes just like….well….a Big Mac!

Chef Ted Dimoglou makes one heck of a pork belly.
Chef Ted Dimoglou makes one heck of a pork belly.

If you haven’t had Chef Ted’s pork belly dishes, you’re missing out. The first time I had it was at a whisky tasting dinner at Tiki Sushi. It was a life changing moment. He’s brought back a variation of it for Winter Bites, served with an apple carrot slaw.

Winter Bites Restaurant Week takes place January 16-22, 2017. To view participating restaurants and their menus, visit


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