This week’s U.S. elections took its toll on everyone. We bet you’re drained and needing to get your mind off it and to recharge yourself.

So to help you, our American friends, forget about the culmination of what seemed like an eternity of campaigning, we’ve put together a nice little Canadian weekend getaway to give you some peace of mind.

We’ve Got Wine For You

A weekend away is always a great cure for the blahs. Book yourself the Stones Throw Cottage and come visit our Wine Country.

With 15 wineries to choose from, you won’t go thirsty. As an added bonus, Oxley Estate Winery is about 100 steps from the cottage, pretty much making it your own personal walk-in wine cellar.

Wine by the fire at Oxley is always a great choice.
Wine by the fire at Oxley is always a great choice.

If you’re wanting to tour the other wineries on a chilly November day, give Grape Vine Tours or Explore Pelee a call and they’ll be happy to shuttle you around.


Be Gluttonous in Walkerville

Being gluttonous is all part of the healing process, and Walkerville is the perfect little neighbourhood to let loose.

You can start off the day shopping at boutiques like Jones & Co. and Envy, because looking good definitely helps make you feel good. Then take a break for brunch at The Willistead where you can dig in to what we think are 5 of their must-try brunch dishes. The also have an excellent craft cocktail menu to choose from.

Huevos Rancheros from The Willistead
Huevos Rancheros from The Willistead

After brunch, head to Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. and buy packages and packages of his national award winning creations, or even better, The Little White Kitchen where they bake up new treats daily. Go ahead, have another donut, we won’t tell anyone.

You can also pull up a chair at Walkerville Brewery‘s tap room at any point during the day. Before shopping. After shopping. After brunch. After shopping and before brunch. It’s ok, it’s all about you. If you’re wanting something a little more structured, we recommend taking a Drinks of Walkerville walking tour where you’ll learn all about the town that whisky built while throwing back some of said whisky, some beer and some cocktails. It wasn’t named an Ontario Signature Experiene for nothing!


Mamo Burger

Now this is really gluttonous. The popular burger joint, Mamo Burger, is currently offering a ‘Burger of the Month’ which uses glazed donuts from Sweet Revenge Bake Shop as buns. Enough said.

A Donut Burger (the burger of the month)

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Just Dance

When the night has come and you’re still needing to unwind and forget, The Rondo and Phog Lounge are there for you. These are two great music venues (Phog was named best live music venue in Canada in 2009) where you won’t be judged.

There ain't no party like a Rondo dance party!
There ain’t no party like a Rondo dance party!

So dance. Dance the night away like you’ve never danced before. Phog Lounge event has a great poutine menu. You’re in Canada so it just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t order this oh-so Canadian dish.


Good ol’ Canadian Beer

Cheers to good beer!
Cheers to good beer!

If the wine or cocktails above didn’t appease you, maybe some good ol’ Canadian beer will. While we mentioned Walkerville Brewery above, Windsor is home to several other craft breweries, including Craft Heads and Brew in the downtown Windsor core, Motor Craft Ales, Frank Brewing and Banded Goose.

Lots of beer and peanuts to be had at Rock Bottom.
Lots of beer and peanuts to be had at Rock Bottom.

While they don’t brew their own, The Barrel House and The Windsor Beer Exchange have extensive Ontario craft beer lists to enjoy, as well. Rock Bottom also has 30 beers on tap and free peanuts. Never underestimate the joy of throwing the shells of free peanuts on the floor.