South Detroit recently launched an all-day breakfast menu. To celebrate the fact we don’t have to drag ourselves out of bed early to enjoy glorious servings of sausages and bacon and flapjacks, we’re giving three cheers to these three menu items that made us happy.

Bartender’s Classic

That's a whole lot of breakfast!
That’s a whole lot of breakfast!

It’s a well known fact that bartenders work hard until the week hours of the morning and then drag themselves out of bed just in time for dinner and their next shift. To honour these people of the night, South Detroit created the Bartender’s Classic platter. Start with three eggs, some home fries, a bit of bacon, sausage and corned beef and then top it off with flapjacks. Oh yeah, don’t forget the buttered toast.

Huevos Rancheros

Adding some Latin flair to breakfast.
Adding some Latin flair to breakfast.

South Detroit went a little further south when coming up with the idea for their Huevos Rancheros. A grilled tortilla topped with salsa, refried beans, a sunny side up egg, cheddar and avocado. It may be messy, but, it’s well worth the stains on your shirt.

SD Jacks of the Moment

My dreams have come true...
My dreams have come true…

The restaurant gave their chef some creative freedom with their flapjacks. The Jacks of the Moment can change on a whim and even go from sweet to savoury, but they are always super tasty. The most recent creation: Snickers Pancakes. Enough said.