Must Try Burgers of 2016 in Windsor-Essex
Must Try Burgers of 2016 in Windsor-Essex

Everybody loves a good burger.

Our 2015 list of Must Try Burgers in Windsor-Essex was such a huge hit we thought we’d give you a brand new list for 2016! These aren’t just your regular, run of the mill beef patties between two pieces of bread. These are works of art.

Did we list your favourite? Did we leave anyone out? Are you cursing us because we just destroyed your diet? Let us know in the comments!


Bull & Barrel

The Grilled Mac n' Cheese Burger from Bull & Barrel
The Grilled Mac n’ Cheese Burger from Bull & Barrel

If there was one threesome you absolutely had to try, this is it: burger meets grilled cheese meets mac n’ cheese.

Chef Scot Brooks combines two grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with gooey mac n’ cheese wrapped around and 8oz patty of pure ground beef creating one pretty bad ass burger.

This behemoth isn’t for the faint of heart and when it’s placed in front of you it is decision time. Do you tackle the top grilled cheese first and leave to rest as an open faced picture of pure heaven or do you jump right in with both hands and get down and dirty?

One last thing. If you’re hitting 3 great comfort foods then you might as well make your arteries waive the white flag for the day and get the poutine with it.

Tasty Tip: While not on the menu, chef Scot is willing to make this burger into a wrap. Shhh. It’s a secret!


Snack Bar B Q

Snack Bar B Q's Pauly D burger creation
Snack Bar B Q’s Pauly D burger creation

When you’re as good as Pauly D is, you get an amazing burger named after you 3 weeks into your job at Snack Bar B Q.

In what was a reincarnation of the Juicy Jimmy stuffed burger on their last menu, chef Jim Renaud took all the ingredients that were inside the patty and placed them on top.

After the Angus patty, this burger is meant to please all pork lovers as it is topped with pork belly, pulled pork, American cheddar and crushed pork rinds with Snack Bar B Q’s Kansas BBQ sauce.

To make this burger as perfect as possible, chef Jim tested over 100 burger buns to find the perfect match.

Tasty Tip: Pauly D himself loves the burger best when dipped in either the house Alabama White Sauce, the Mustard Vinegar Carolina Sauce or a mix of the two.


Mamo Burger

I love it when you call me Big Popper...
I love it when you call me Big Popper…

Looking for something with a little more heat?

The Big Popper has two beef patties, deep fried goat cheese, roasted jalapenos, pickled jalapenos, hot pepper colby cheese, house smoked bacon and smoked jalapeno aioli.

Tasty Tip: As with all their burgers, the Big Popper is available at both the Tecumseh and Ottawa St. locations.


The Vines at Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards

Giddy up!
Giddy up!

Nothing bad ever happened adding some spicy to a little sweetness.

The subtle heat from the jalapeno in the Havarti, the saltiness of the bacon, crunch from the onion rings, sweet from the brioche and especially the sauce, sweet with cherry flavor and smoky with that Kansas city style sauce, make this burger an absolutely treat.

The Cowboy stands tall and will leave you riding off into the sunset.

Tasty Tip: The staff at Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard say the burger pairs perfectly with their Pinot Noir.


THE F.I.A.T. (Fix It Again, Tony)
Motor Burger

Get your Motor running...
Get your Motor running…

Who the heck puts devilled eggs on a burger? Motor Burger does and oh boy it’s delicious.

The F.I.A.T. started off as a special burger on their 2016 Winter Bites Restaurant Week menu and was only supposed to last a limited time. The response was so huge that the folks at Motor Burger decided to add it to their regular menu for good. And why not?

Korean spiced beef, prosciutto, spicy sweet peppers, cornichon and, of course, those devilled eggs. We’re drooling just thinking about it, again.

Tasty Tip: An absolute must to pair it with their Model A, brewed in house.


The Barrel House Draught Co. & Grill

The Simon Girty in all its glory.
The Simon Girty in all its glory.

The idea for the Simon Girty came to be when the folks at The Barrel House were looking for a burger that would encapsulate all the flavours of some of our menu favourites. Considering they pretty much threw a little bit of everything from every other menu item into this burger, it makes complete sense.

A fresh hand-packed chuck patty starts as the base before you work  your way up with some pulled short rib tossed in a house smokey BBQ sauce which is then topped with some thick cut aged cheddar. On top of that, a generous portion of their in house, slow braised corned beef brisket, Swiss cheese, double smoked bacon, and crispy onion rings. Throw in some lettuce, tomato and a pickle just for the hell of it.

Tasty Tip: Ask for a side of their 4 pepper dipping sauce. Whether or not you use it on the burger, you won’t be disappointed.


Joe Schmoe’s Eats & Drinks

Go is tasty there.
Go West….life is tasty there.

If you love avocado, this burger is for you.

This two pattied burger comes layered with guacamole, red onion, house fried tortilla strips and the usual lettuce and tomato packed inside a tasty onion bun.

Of the 15 signature burgers created at Joe Schmoe’s, this is definitely one of their best sellers.

Tasty Tip: A great Ontario craft beer always helps to wash down the West Coast.


Smoke n’ Spice

Much better than the movie...
Much better than the movie…

This burger is nothing like its movie namesake. It’s good. Real good. A beef patty that’s cooked on a flat top griddle, it’s topped with Colby cheese, Smoke n’ Spice’s famous pulled pork,  creamy slaw and their house-made Memphis Sweet barbeque sauce.

Tasty Tip: Be smart when choosing your sides for the burger. BBQ Beans all the way.


The City Grill

When it's their signature burger, you know it's going to be good.
When it’s their signature burger, you know it’s going to be good.

8 ounces of ground chuck, topped with BBQ braised short ribs, aged cheddar and frizzled onions, all on a kaiser from Lakeside Bakery. Oh, and there’s bacon on it… really thick cut, candied bacon!

One of the many things we love about this burger is that it is completely locally sourced, from the beef, the toppings straight through to the bun.

While the combination of all the ingredients flow so well together, it’s those BBQ braised beef short ribs that are a key flavor profile.

Tasty Tip: This burger is intimidating, but, don’t let it scare you. Squish it down and dig in. Keep a napkin (or four) close by. It’s going to get messy.


Oxley Estate Winery

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It’s a labour of love when chef Aaron Lynn pieces this burger together for you.

They grind their own beef, a mix of chuck and brisket. They also don’t add anything to the meat, something chef Aaron says is the key. They only salt the outside of the patty leaving the beef to just taste like really good beef.

The burger itself is seasoned 6 oz ground chuck, red onion jam, Bibb lettuce, ripe tomato, Maytag Blue or aged cheddar cheese and dill mustard shallot sauce on a brioche bun.

Tasty Tip: As far as pairings for this burger, a glass of Oxley Cabernet Franc is a must.


Rock Bottom Bar & Grill

Cheddar cheddar bang bang!
Cheddar cheddar bang bang!

Everyone knows Rock Bottom for their endless supply of peanuts and their 30 beers on tap. We think this burger will quickly be included in the conversation.

The Jalapeno Cheddar Ale Burger is topped with jalapeño bacon and a melted cheddar ale sauce that had us singing hallelujah.

Tasty Tip: Like we said, 30 beers on tap.


Jack’s Gastropub

We've got a whole lotta love for this John Bonham burger.We've got a whole lotta love for this John Bonham burger.
We’ve got a whole lotta love for this John Bonham burger.

And she’s buying a burger to heaven…

We’re certain those would have been the lyrics of the song if this burgers namesake, the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer, had got his hands on this creation. It’s a beef burger topped with sauteed mushrooms, white cheddar, shaved prime rib, horseradish aioli, rosemary beef demi and crispy onion tanglers served open ­faced in a Yorkshire pastry. Blimey, it’s good!

Now don’t go running out the door just yet. This burger is only available on Thursdays at Jack’s Gastropub, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Tasty Tip: This burger pairs perfectly with a pint of ‘Banded Goose’ Scouser Amber Ale.


Billy’s Taphouse

Roasted red peppers. Enough said.
Roasted red peppers. Enough said.

Billy’s Taphouse in Essex is doing a lot of good things in the kitchen and this is one of their best.

The roasted red pepper aioli acts is the prominent flavour in this well balanced burger. Throw in a toasted and buttered brioche bun made fresh by Lakeside Bakery, roasted red peppers, spinach, onions and goat cheese and your tummy will be left smiling the rest of the day.

Tasty Tip: This burger pairs well with malty beer with a hint of caramel to offset the darker tasting notes of the roasted peppers.


Parkside Grille

Apparently pistachios and burgers are a delicious, delicious combination. Who'd have thought?
Apparently pistachios and burgers are a delicious, delicious combination. Who’d have thought?

After enjoying the flavours combinations of the pistachios and bacon bits in his salad, the Pistachio Burger was born.

The pickled and braised cabbage pops, but is quickly calmed down with the creaminess of the pistachio sauce and, of course, bacon is just awesomeness in edible form.

Tasty Tip: A side of sweet potato fries and spicy mayo never hurt anyone!


The Manchester

When you're this good they call you 'Lord'.
When you’re this good they call you ‘Lord’.

Simply put, the Lord Nelson is a beast.

It’s an 8 oz. beef burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese, then topped with house smoked brisket and 7 year old aged cheddar. It is  finished off with crispy onion strings and creamy horseradish sauce.

Don’t forget to ask for extra napkins.

Tasty Tip: Do your body a favour. Combine the Lord Nelson with one of The Manchester’s Village or Green Apple salads for a refreshing palate cleanse!