The much anticipated second location of Mamo Burger Bar has finally opened.

Back in September, WindsorEats was the first to announce that owners Ryan and Tina Odette were expanding their successful Ottawa Street restaurant into a second location in Tecumseh-Lakeshore.

Adriano Ciotoli gets ready to dig into a burger at Mamo Burger
That’s a huge burger!

While the Mamo Burger Bar menus will be the same at both locations, there are some minor changes with two new burgers replacing two on the original menu. Get Shorty, their short rib burger, will be replaced with Peanut Butter Jelly Time: a bacon, creamy peanut butter, Sriracha strawberry jelly, pickles and jalapeno. Get Him To The Greek, Mamo’s lamb burger, has been replaced with Rico Suave: a chorizo pork patty, cheddar, shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream and crushed tortilla shells.

The Rico Suave from Mamo Burger Bar
The Rico Suave from Mamo Burger Bar

To help make pickup orders easier, the restaurant will also be offering a “curbside pickup” in a pull-through section of the restaurant. Simply call ahead, place your order, call to let them know you’re pulling into the “curbside” area and they’ll run your order out to you.

The restaurant will seat approximately 100 people. Ryan and Tina have also tried including some of the same design featured, including the wood and murals.