Ryan Odette of Mamo Burger

Making burgers is good business for Mamo Burger.

Ryan Odette, owner of the popular Ottawa Street restaurant, spoke with Adriano Ciotoli of WindsorEats to let the secret out about the new Mamo location.

“It’s going to be on Manning Road near Tecumseh Road in the town of Tecumseh,” Ryan said. “We’ve been quietly looking and we found this spot which was perfect for our concept.”

The menu at the new location will be a carbon copy of the original, but the design will be different.

“Here on Ottawa street we have a unique older builder,” Ryan explains. “We’re doing renovations there to keep it fairly similar but there will be differences, for sure.”

Adriano Ciotoli of WindsorEats is about to chomp into a burger from Mamo Burger
Our very own Adriano Ciotoli can’t wait to chomp into his Mamo burger

Ryan and his wife Tina Odette also own the popular Smoke & Spice restaurant. Asked why a second location of Mamo Burger came first, he stated that with Smoke & Spice having such a large location at over 6000 sq. ft., they can already feed a lot of people compared to the smaller Ottawa St. location of Mamo Burger.

“Mamo Burger has exceeded our expectations in a lot of ways,” says Ryan. “When you open a restaurant you have expectations of it being busy, you hope that it’s busy. It has done really well and people really enjoy it.”

The restaurant is scheduled to open in the beginning of November and will be hiring up to 30 individuals for all positions. Resumes can be dropped off at the original Mamo Burger locations between 2:00 to 4:00pm from Tuesday to Sunday.