The Leaf Neighbourhood Grill

The Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs for their first time in nine years and WindsorEats adds a restaurant named The Leaf for their first time in 9 years. Coincidence? Maybe, but either way we’re extremely excited to announce the addition of The Leaf Neighbourhood Grill to the WindsorEats family!

The restaurant has undergone some fantastic renovations lately and will have a revamped menu to match, soon. Must try new burgers on the menu are the Pizza Burger (an all beef patty with pizza sauce, green peppers, onions and mushrooms topped with mozzarella cheese) and the Peri-Peri Chicken Burger (lightly breaded chicken breast cooked crispy and served with lettuce, tomato, mayo and our signature Peri-Peri sauce).

They even have gluten free penne pasta available, made from quinoa, amaranth and brown rice.

Be sure to stop by and tell Mona and the crew WindsorEats says hello!