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Honey Badger Bistro Opens Today in Olde Riverside

Honey Badger might not care, but he’s about to serve some great food. We’re excited to welcome Honey Badger Bistro to WindsorEats as they have officially opened their doors today in…


Mamo Burger Bar Opens Tonight; Tweet and Facebook Us Your Pictures

The long wait is over. Tonight at 5:00pm, Ryan and Tina Odette, owners of Smoke & Spice, will launch their eagerly anticipated new restaurant, Mamo Burger Bar. Based on their…


Restaurant Added: Maple Leaf Neighbourhood Grill

The Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs for their first time in nine years and WindsorEats adds a restaurant named The Leaf for their first time in 9 years. Coincidence?…


Restaurant Added: Il Gabbiano Ristorante

We’re excited to announce the addition of Il Gabbiano Ristorante & Catering to the WindsorEats family! The Italian restaurant has been a staple of Windsor’s Via Italia for approximately 20…