Butcher Added To WindsorEats: J. Waldron Quality Local Meats

J. Waldron Quality Local Meats

WindsorEats is excited to announce that J. Waldron Quality Local Meats has been added as a member!

Jamie has dedicated over a decade of his life to learning, researching, and teaching an age old craft that has fallen out of step with our current methods of purchasing and preparing food. However he adds just a wee little twist. He is a whole-animal-utilization champion and has committed himself to Windsor-Essex and to the local producers that make an effort to rear animals in the most responsible way they can.

Jamie’s most recent project is whole animal meat shares. Beef, pork and lamb shares are divided into 20lb ‘Shares’. This means once he has enough interest in an animal he purchases it from the farmer whole, butcher and vacuum seal cuts, then has the customer pick it up at a central location in Windsor, Ontario.

He also has poultry shares that work in 4 bird packages. 2 will be trussed, 2 will be broken into parts.

We’ll bring you more on J. Waldron Quality Local Meats in the near future, including information on his butchery classes.

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