Smoke & Spice Southern Barbeque

After 3 years of incredible success, Smoke & Spice Southern Barbeque will be moving to a new location in January 2012.

The Smoke & Spice gang think this move will enhance the quality of their products and improve some of otheirur processes, thereby benefiting you, the customer.

The move will allow them to so some great things. Right now, the barbeque you’ve come to know and love comes from their 600-pound capacity smoker. At the new joint, they’ll have a 1000-pounder and a 300-pounder. What’s great about that, aside from being able to produce more barbeque, is that the two smokers will be working together to pump out the grub all day and night long. That means that their products will be even fresher and better than ever! It’s the biggest reason they decided that this move was a good idea.

They’ll also have tons of free parking and popping in for take-out will be easier than ever.

A new, better lounge and bar area will be part of the mix where more guests can fit while waiting for a seat without worrying about shutting off the lights by accident or having the door open right behind them.

Smoke & Spice is even considering altering their current reservation policy a little so that bigger parties can come in on weekends to enjoy some of their grub together.

Stay tuned to WindsorEats for more information on the Smoke & Spice move.