Kevin Brauch sure knows how to party.

Thursday night at the relaunching of Chanoso’s Restaurant and Oishii Sushi Bar in Downtown Windsor, the famous Thirsty Traveller Kevin Brauch paid a visit to celebrate the relaunch as well as introduce new menus and welcome new part owner Mat Mathias into the management team. It really was a celebration of many things.

Thanks to the invite from the owners, WindsorEats was able to sample many options on the new menu…and I mean many! 7 or 8 courses I believe. I kind of lost count after a bit.

There were a few items that stood out in particular.

I am not much of a fishy/seafood kind of guy. Don’t know why, I just never really acquired a taste for it. Well I shocked myself not by just trying, but, really enjoying two fish/seafood dishes. The first was the shrimp wrapped in wonton noodles which was a very interesting looking sample. The crunchiness of the deep fried outer layer of wonton noodle went perfectly with the softness and juiciness of the shrimp.  The sauce provided was pretty darn good too!

The other was the Lemon Honey Chili Whitefish. I would have and could have never known that fish could taste so….not fishy. It was actually pretty incredible and just melted in my mouth.

Like I said earlier, we tried many other things including several new sushi creations such as Cobra Kai sushi rolls (all you Karate Kid fans should recognize the name), ribs which the meat just fell off the bone at the slightest touch, springrolls and Pad Thai.

It was nice to see all the owners go from being a bit stressed and nervous at the beginning of the night to just letting loose and having a blast by the end of the night. Thirsty Traveller Kevin Brauch was such a nice, down to earth guy too. He mingled with the crowd all night.

Another interesting note from last night was the CD that Mark was handing out. He had recorded live performances of local musicians at his other restaurant, The Original Tecumseh Roadhouse.  He chose some of the best songs from those acts and made a Tecumseh Roadhouse CD available for purchase.  Proceeds from the purchase of the CD will go to the Windsor International Film Festival.  WindsorEats will be providing more information on that soon, so stay tuned!