If you haven’t heard of Black Bear Farms & Estate Winery yet, boy are you missing out!

A recent addition to the Lake Erie North Shore collection of wineries, Black Bear creates wines made completely with fruit (yes we understand grapes are fruits too, but, lets just pretend not for right now).

Very new to the shelves of Black Bear is their Golden Plum wine. This wine is so new, they were still putting the labels of the first retail bottles this past weekend. It retails at $18.00 a 375ml bottle and is 12.8% alc./vol.

This wine would be nicely paired with roast chicken or even pork. While I haven’t tried it with the roast chicken, I do know this wine will easily be paired with your turkey dinner as this was the Black Bear owners, the Rondelez family, used with their Thanksgiving dinner this year. They just so happened to be bottling that weekend and decided and they just couldn’t resist trying it out!