The holidays aren’t over yet, so if you’re looking for a great refreshing cocktail to serve to guests, this might be your thing.  The original recipe called for Prosecco, but you could easily substitute any sparkling wine for this.  As a matter of fact, since we’re celebrating 30 Days of Local Wine, why not try Mastronardi Estates a’Dorah sparkling wine?  I’ve actually have a few bottles of this set aside for New Year’s Eve.

You shouldn’t have any troubles finding pomegranates as they are normally found on shelves during this time of year.  And in case you want to wow your friends with your vast knowledge of useless information….the word pomegranate comes from the latin word “pomum” (meaning apple) and “granatus” (meaning seeded).   So there you have it.  It’s an easy drink, tastes great and, I might add, looks really pretty.  Give it a try!

Sparkling Wine and Pomegranate Cocktail

1 bottle of sparkling wine
1 bottle of pomegranate juice
1 pomegranate

Combine the sparkling wine and the pomegranate juice in a glass pitcher or punch bowl.  Chill until ready to serve.  Set up the glasses and add the pomegranate seeds to the bottom of each glass.  I like to serve them in fluted champagne glasses.  Pour cocktail into glass and enjoy!