Black Kettle Bistro is the latest restaurant to join in the Winter Bites 2010 celebration from January 17-23, but, they will be adding a twist to the specials.

While BKB’s Winter Bites menu will be available for $25, they are also offering a $35 option that will showcase local musicians and artists. The breakdown would be as follows:

For each day of Winter Bites 2010, Black Kettle Bistro will feature a different local artist, musician or photographer. Guests would have to make reservations ahead of time to book a seat at a set time. They can book either the $25 or $35 menu. If they choose the $25 option, $5 goes directly to the artist. If the $35 option is chosen, they get a signed copy of the artists CD or photo or small piece of art.

It is a great and unique way to showcase the great culinary and artistic talent here in Windsor-Essex!