If you’ve lived in Windsor long enough or just stopped in for a visit, I don’t need to tell you how beautiful our parks are in this city.   Growing up here, I’ve always appreciated how great our parks system really is and the value they have in our community. 

One area in particular needs our help.   There are proposed plans to build a big box development next to one of the most ecologically significant areas in this city:  Ojibway Nature Reserve.  This Sunday, you can make a positive impact in our community.

On November 8 come out to Malden Park to participate in the Walk/Run for Ojibway.  There will be a 100-metre kid dash, a one-kilometre kid run with a $10 entry fee, and a five-kilometre run for adults with a $15 entry fee.  The entry fee will be waived for anyone raising more than $50 in pledges.

The walk/run is to raise money for legal bills related to hearings of the Ontario Municipal Board regarding big-box development that is being proposed next to the Ojibway Nature Reserve.

Why is it so important to save Ojibway?  According to the Save Ojibway site:

Professor Larry Lamb of the University of Waterloo calls Ojibway Prairie an “important ecological reserve”, “it has greater biodiversity that Algonquin Park or the Bruce Peninsula” Harboring more rare species than any other provincial park in Ontario.

So what’s the big deal about putting a big box next door to an area as significant as Ojibway?  There are many that Save Ojibway lists.

Anyone coming out to Malden Park on Sunday is asked to wear green.  If you are interested in registering and supporting this event is asked to call Nancy Pancheshan at 519-978-3590 or visit www.saveojibway.info