Adriano holding a sampling of chili at Chilifest 2009

Yesterday during lunch, the Windsor Firefighters put on their annual Chilifest fundraiser and the people flocked to the old Armouries for a sampling of about 50 chili recipes from area restaurants and organizations.

The hosts actually opened the doors about 30 minutes early as people were ready and eager to come in and sample some great recipes from area restaurants and organizations being served personally by Windsor’s firefighters.

Pina made a stop by to give to charity and eat her share of some great and unique chili. I don’t know about her but I tried to get as many as I could…but I was full after trying five: Smoke n’ Spice, The Lumberjack, The Original Tecumseh Roadhouse, The Pour House Pub and Fire Station #7. Those pretty much filled up my chili quota for the day.

With all the Windsor Fire stations having a chili on site, I decided to ask them if there was any friendly wager as to which station made the best chili. I had the same response from all of them; A hearty laugh with a “No, no, no.”  I think we all know what the real answer is!

I ended only trying the chili from Station #7 just because it was the only one that used turkey meat.  Delicious!

The entire Chilifest 2009 was a huge success and a big congratulations is in order for its organizers. It was a job very well done and WindsorEats can’t wait until Chilifest 2010!