That’s right….look out everyone…WindsorEats is representing the Windsor/Essex region and letting people know how great it is and how they’re missing out if they don’t come down here asap!

Adriano, Kristen and I are in Toronto at the Ontario Tourism Culinary Association Conference to learn about how to make Windsor/Essex a culinary destination, learn about what other counties and cities are doing and….our Wine Trail Rides are being recognized (again!) for winning the Ontario Tourism Culinary Experience award! 

We’ll post more about this later once we get home, but it was great!  WindsorEats Wine Trail Rides were acknowledged and recognized in a room of over 300 tourist innovators and doers.  It was a great way to tell others about how great Windsor/Essex is and how many wonderful things there are to do here.  We live in a great community and it’s time we tell everyone about it!

Keep in touch and we’ll post about our trip to the and all the wonderful people we met and fantastic meals we ate!