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Motor Burger

Windsor, Ontario – October 1, 2009 – Eight years ago, seasoned local restaurateurs (TheBeans; Sam’s Pizzeria; 13Below) Jay Souilliere and Gino Gesuale sought to introduce a fresh take on dining to Windsor’s community… and so was born NOI Restaurant, located in the heart of Little Italy. These were exciting times for owners and patrons alike, as terrific meals and quality service was a staple. NOI quickly rose to prominence in the dining community with its fresh spin on traditional Italian cuisine. Eight years later, the cultural and economic landscape of the city has changed drastically. Local businesses have been forced to adapt to circumstances in an effort to remain competitive, notwithstanding NOI. In that vein, these two restaurateurs are once again ready to excite the taste buds of local diners as they embark on a new gastronomic journey. We introduce you to Motor Burger.

As the saying goes: when one door closes, another opens. Taking this to heart, Jay and Gino are ready to flip a new page (or should I say burger) in their culinary adventure. “The past eight years have been a great joy for us”, says executive chef Jay Souilliere. “We’ve had the privilege of meeting and cooking for some wonderful people, but this city is desperate for a change. The launch of Motor Burger will allow us to give the people something new and exciting”.

So what exactly is Motor Burger? It will be a place where friends and family can enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures; as the name would suggest, patrons will be introduced to a variety of great burgers. This will not, however, be your run of the mill burger joint as the menu items will be made fresh on the spot, ranging from your traditional burger to more creative selections, imagine a char grilled Canadian Angus beef burger with apple wood smoked bacon, and melted blue cheese, or a pan seared shrimp burger, with avocado and mango salsa. In addition to the extensive selection of burgers, Motor Burger will also offers a full bar with a wide selection of milk shakes, specialty drinks and wines. In short, it will be a culinary celebration for all to experience.

Partner Gino Gesuale says, “Motor Burger will be our way of giving back to the community. It’s all in the name… what better way to pay homage to Windsor’s passionate automotive tradition. We’re very excited about this new venture and look forward to greeting our guests with something out of the ordinary, mouthwatering and delicious”.

Luckily for Windsorites, the wait for Motor Burger’s doors to open will not be long. Windsor’s newest establishment is slated to open at the end of October 2009 and its owners eagerly await you!

Contact Gino or Jay at NOI for further information. www. noirestaurant.com

888 Erie St. E.
Windsor, Ontario

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