No matter where you were located in the city last night, there is a good possibility you may have heard a very loud squeal of excitement and were wondering where it may have come from.  Well, it was probably Pina and I  as they announced WindsorEats and our Wine Trail Rides as the winner of the Ontario Tourism Culinary Experience Award at the 2009 Ontario Tourism Summit last night here in Windsor, Ontario.

Apparently it was said the crowd got a kick out of Pina and I. We definitely did not hold back any of our excitement, as was evident when the first words spoken into the microphone by myself were, “Wow, I’m on the same stage as Brian Williams!”. I believe, as this photo definitely shows I did, that I may have even given him a point and shoot, as can be seen much clearer on the screen in the background of the photo.

Pina was clearly overjoyed at winning the provincial tourism award. After what I did on stage, this was hardly the embarrassing moment.

I couldn’t help but to keep opening up the box to look at the award. Being the only Windsor/Essex area business named a finalist was an honour enough, especially here at home, but actually winning it was indescribable.

As Jillian pointed out, the man, the broadcaster, the legend, Mr. Brian Williams actually looks like he may be afraid of me in the picture.  Truth be told, Williams was a perfect choice for emcee, hilarious, and a very kind and down to earth person.  He is also very proud to call Ontario home.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has participated on our Wine Trail Rides. Your support is very much appreciated. A thank you goes out to our member wineries for, well, making great wine but also being so welcoming to our unique tours. A special thanks go out to Maximum Edge and of course, our guides Chris (“Chico) and Manny as these rides couldn’t have been as great without your help.

If this has spurred an urge for you to go on one, tickets for our next Wine Trail Ride this Saturday, October17, 2009 are still available.  Our last Wine Trail Ride of the season!  We originally had one schedule for this Saturday, but since rain is in the forecast, we’ve had to cancel that one.