Participants on the Wine Trail Ride enjoy Autumns changing colours along the Chrysler Greenway Trail

With two Wine Trail Rides coming up in October (on the 3rd and the 17th), if you haven’t been on one yet, these two are definitely the ones to be on.

Here are some reasons that make our October Wine Trail Rides the best ones of the season:

  1. It’s harvest season
    For those really out of the loop, the harvest is when all the food is picked from the crops and made ready to eat fresh. This really comes in handy since we host a meal at the end of each Wine Trail Ride focused on locally grown foods.
  2. So THAT’S how it’s made!
    October at the wineries is an active time with the harvest and crushing of the grapes.  Some of the wineries have been great in allowing us to view the process as it happens. 

  3. Ooooh, that looks so pretty
    Enjoying the actual wine making process up close and personal is awesome and with fall upon us, the changing of colours on trees and in the fields offer even more spectacular views.  Viewing the nature of Essex County up close and personal on your bicycle, rather than zipping by in a vehicle, truly is a unique experience and allows for some great photo opportunities as well. 

  4. Fresh from the vine
    During last October’s ride, some of the wineries allowed our participants to eat some grapes straight off the vine! It is a fun and tasty way to get to know your varietals. 

  5. Something sure smells good
    The sights and tastes are obviously a huge part of what the Wine Trail Ride is about, but, smell is also an integral part.  With apple orchards and some other crops ready to be picked and eaten, they provide incredible aromas as you’re riding by, so much so that they can make your mouth salivate.
  6. So you’re saying it won’t be like a sauna outside?
    Well, while we can never guarantee anything when it comes to the weather, we do know that it’s not Summer and 30+ degrees with high humidity should be a rarity, which makes it that much more enjoyable 

  7. Pick up some fresh groceries
    There are usually plenty of farmer stands dotted along our routes and October is usually prime season for them, being the harvest and all.  Since the ride is done at a casual pace, feel free to stop and purchase some goods along the way.  With our support vehicle following behind everyone, simply wave it down and place all your purchases inside (with your name on it of course!).

Oh boy! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Tickets can be purchased in the WindsorEats Shop.