Adriano showing off his pumpkin carving skills

Now I may be a little biased when I say that the pictures that our readers submitted showcase the greatest pumpkin carving skills ever witnessed by mankind. However, it’s my blog posting so I can be biased if I want to.

Submitted by Izabela and Mark of Aleksander Estate Winery

While the picture may not do this pumpkin justice, it was a freakish, mutant behemoth, weighing in at over 140lbs. Awesome job on the carving!

Submitted by Karen and Jessica McCabe

Mother and daughter created this musical duo, with Karen McCabe putting her magical pumpkin carving skills to work on “The King” and Jessica McCabe on “The Music”.

WindsorEats' very own.

Here is my very own creation, “Jack”. You may recognize him from Tim Burton’s ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’. The kids loved him.

While these weren’t all the pictures posted to us, a huge ‘Thank you’ and ‘Great job’ go out to everyone that submitted the photos!