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The Festival Celebrating The Caesar is Returning To Windsor, Ontario

A festival which celebrates the Canadian cocktail creation, the Caesar, is returning to Windsor, Ontario, at the end of August. 


You Can Get Walkerville Eatery’s Famous Caesars For Home Enjoyment

People were asking for it and now they can have it! Walkerville Eatery has made their famous Caesars available for pickup. The restaurant, which has become well known for their over-the-top (and delicious) Caesars, has created kits for you to assemble their creations at home. What you get for $59.99? 2 signature Caesar glasses (while…


Where & What To Enjoy on National Taco Day in Windsor, Ontario

To celebrate National Taco Day, we thought we’d put together a list for you to try out some of our favourite tacos in and around Windsor, Ontario.