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These 4 Sandwiches Are A Must This Weekend If You’re Around Windsor

If you’re in and around Windsor, Ontario this weekend, you really should wrap your hands around one of these gourmet sandwiches.


4 Things to Do In And Around Windsor, Ontario This Week

With the Windsor International Film Fest taking place this week, check out these other things to do in Windsor, Ontario to help fill the time between films.


Where & What To Enjoy on National Taco Day in Windsor, Ontario

To celebrate National Taco Day, we thought we’d put together a list for you to try out some of our favourite tacos in and around Windsor, Ontario.


You Need To Get Your Hands On These 3 Tacos At The Grand Cantina

The Grand Cantina has become a popular destination for  tequila and taco lovers. With 13 different taco styles to choose from, it’s obvious to see why.