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Where & What To Enjoy on National Taco Day in Windsor, Ontario

To celebrate National Taco Day, we thought we’d put together a list for you to try out some of our favourite tacos in and around Windsor, Ontario.


Leamington, Ontario: A Must-Visit Destination For Taco Enthusiasts

Most people know Leamington, Ontario, for birding at Point Pelee National Park and tomatoes, but there’s something else the small town exceeds at: tacos.


You Need To Get Your Hands On These 3 Tacos At The Grand Cantina

The Grand Cantina has become a popular destination for  tequila and taco lovers. With 13 different taco styles to choose from, it’s obvious to see why.  


These 4 Tacos at Joe Schmoe’s Will Make Every Day A Taco Tuesday

While everyone knows Joe Schmoe’s for their burgers, they’ve got some pretty, pretty, pretty good tasting tacos coming out of the kitchen, too!