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Windsor-Made Whiskies Win Big At 2019 Canadian Whisky Awards

There’s a reason Windsor, Ontario, is called Whiskytown, Canada. Windsor linked distilleries recently won huge at the 2019 Canadian Whisky Awards


7 Facts About Windsor, Ontario That’ll Make You Want To Visit

Windsor, Ontario is trending up on everyone’s vacation list. Here are 7 really tasty and surprising facts about Canada’s southernmost city that we think will make you want to visit.


6 Ways to Experience Whiskytown Canada

Many people have their perceptions of Windsor, Ontario, but, many don’t realize that Canada’s southernmost city is also known as Whiskytown, Canada.
We’ve put together 6 ways that you can immerse yourself in some great Canadian whisky while visiting Canada’s banana belt.


4 Whiskytown Canada Distilled Whiskies To Sip And Enjoy

Windsor, Ontario, also known as Whiskytown, Canada, is home to North America’s largest distillery and pumping out some world class whiskies. To celebrate that, we recommend sipping on these 4 whiskies distilled right here in the heart of Whiskytown, Canada.