6 Ways to Experience Whiskytown Canada

Many people have their perceptions of Windsor, Ontario, but, many don’t realize that Canada’s southernmost city is also known as Whiskytown, Canada.
We’ve put together 6 ways that you can immerse yourself in some great Canadian whisky while visiting Canada’s banana belt.


These 6 Tours Make Great (And Easy) Last Minute Gifts

Admit it. There’s 5 days left until Christmas 2016 and you’re starting to sweat because you haven’t even started shopping for gifts yet. Fear not. We’ve compiled this list of 6 gifts that will please any foodie on your gift list.


What's Going On This Weekend For Eat Your City Restaurant Week

There’s lots of good food to be had during the final few days of Eat Your City Restaurant Week 2016, which finishes on Sunday. That’s a given, but, here are a few other activities to enhance your restaurant week experience throughout Windsor.