Located in the heart of Windsor’s Via Italia, Bacchus offers exquisite continental Italian cuisine in a comfortably luxurious setting created and meticulously crafted by sister company, BetterMade Cabinets.

Like the beautifully restored building in which Bacchus resides, the cuisine at this Erie St. gem is a modern renaissance of the classic tastes and traditions of Italy. As Myslichuk explains: “At Bacchus, BetterMade’s Executive Chef, Bledar Garunja, has taken his inspiration from classic Italian cuisine – his foundation. Infused with the “over-the-top” creative flair and finesse that sets all of the BetterMade Companies apart, the resulting menu is a masterpiece. Under Chef Bledar’s guidance, every order is prepared and plated by our staff with the aim of delivering a sensory delight, to be savoured and enjoyed in luxurious comfort.”

Both food and décor at Bacchus are an exciting mix of classic and contemporary—with an emphasis on celebrating, relaxing and entertaining. The ambiance is seductively decadent.