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These Are The Brownies Every Nutella Lover Needs To Have

When we were kids, Nutella was a staple in our diet. Fruits & vegetables, meat, grains, dairy and Nutella. Now throw brownies into that group.


BIN 151: 3rd Anniversary Celebrations

In excellent news, WindsorEats would like to congratulate everyone at BIN 151 as they celebrate their 3rd anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, BIN 151 will be offering four days of…


A Twist on Layered Dip

Yes, we all know the “big game” is happening. No, I’m not a fan of the sport. In all my life, I may have watched it once (not the actual…


Pancake Tuesday

With the distant memory of Christmas behind us and the month of January coming to an end, it can only mean one thing: Pancake Tuesday is just around the corner!…