Vote for your favourite!

BizX Magazine is holding their annual “Oscar” Award Competition and everyone gets a chance to nominate their favourite in a list of categories. Since there is a hospitality category, we thought we would offer up a few suggestions of who we think are “Oscar” worthy:

Thai Cuisine Experts
Love Thai food.  Looooove it. Here are two outstanding Thai restaurants in the area that offer up great cuisine and atmosphere:

Sparkling Winery
Essex County has 13 outstanding wineries and it’s always hard to choose a favourite. Here are 3 that we visited on the weekend for our Wine Trail Ride:

Sensational Seafood Paradise
You can try traditional seafood fare at Lilly Kazilly’s Crab Shack and Grill or be a little adventurous and try a little sushi with Hikari and Koi Sushi and Japanese Cuisine.

Most Creative Cocktail Concoction
This one is a tough one. I love cocktails (maybe a little too much at times). They can’t just taste good though…they gotta look pretty too! One of my favourites: Mezzo Martini, Mezzo Ristorante and Lounge.

And of course, (warning: shameless plug ahead) you can always nominate WindsorEats in the category of “The Leading Online Local Biz“!

So get your vote on! All nominations must be received by September 19, 2008.

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