As part of the 519 Day Party celebrating all things Windsor, Ontario, WindsorEats has created cocktails to celebrate 4 Windsorites who we feel are do the city proud.

Taking place May 18-19, 2024, at the WindsorEats Food Hall in Windsor’s Via Italia, the 519 Day Party is all about showcasing the best of Windsor in a fun and entertaining way and WindsorEats thought we should be making some cocktails that are inspired by some pretty awesome Windsorites that inspire us!

The Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris is the organizer of the Jane’s Walk Windsor-Essex and does so much more for showcasing and bettering the community. When she told us she’s on a current Tom Collins kick and a fan of pineapple, we made a Pineapple Mint Collins to commemorate her.

The Rich Garton

CTV Windsor journalist Rich has a penchant for tequila and Mexican flavours, but we also know a good journalist needs a lot of coffee to keep them going. So we combined the two and made a Latin inspired, “espresso martini”: the Carajillo. Only thing is, tequila and coffee together make it even better than that.

The Lisa Williams

Photo by The Drive Magazine
Photo by The Drive Magazine

Lisa’s voice is synonymous with mornings in Windsor on AM800 and since she announced her retirement we wanted to help send her off in style with a cocktail named after her. When she’s not drinking wine, she gravitates towards margaritas so we made her a Jalapeno Strawberry. Margarita that represents her sweetness as well as the spiciness she sometimes shows her co-host, Mike Kakuk.

The Renaldo Agostino

Photo by The Windsor Star.
Photo by The Windsor Star.

Councillor Agostino burst onto Windsor city council like a bull in a China shop trying (successfully) to make positive change for his constituents. He doesn’t have time to sit in one place long for fancy drinks. It’s a shot of Windsor-made Lot 40 rye whisky.