Are you ready to indulge in some nostalgia and deliciousness all rolled into one? Well, buckle up because Dairy Freez, the iconic ice cream institution in Windsor-Essex, is celebrating its 70th year of delighting taste buds and creating cherished memories!

For generations, Dairy Freez has been more than just a place to grab a sweet treat—it’s been a cornerstone of family traditions and community bonding. Established 70 years ago, this beloved spot has been serving up smiles and scoops of happiness to locals and visitors alike.


Located at 368 County Rd. 34 W, Essex, ON, N8M 2X5, Dairy Freez has become synonymous with classic American foods and, of course, their signature soft serve ice cream. You can drive up and enjoy a traditional vanilla cone or treat yourself to a decadent ice cream sundae loaded with all your favorite toppings.

Here’s to 70 years of scoops, swirls, and smiles — and many more to come!