Windsor, Ontario, will be hosting it’s first winter electronic music festival and a pioneer of the music from Detroit is coming over the border to headline it.

FrostBeat, a collaboration between WindsorEats and renowned Windsor DJ, Justin James, will be taking place at 400 Erie Street East on January 27, 2024, and be headlined by DJ Godfather.

While this is a first venture into a music festival for WindsorEats, techno DJ and producer Justin James is no stranger to it. He’s the founder of ‘unknown‘, an innovative event production and promotion company rooted in Windsor, Ontario, committed to curating exceptional experiences across the diverse landscape of electronic music and beyond.


A Detroit Legend Is Headlining FrostBeat

With techno originally hailed as The House Sound of Detroit – there’s no denying the Motor City has its own definitive genre: Ghetto Tech. A true pioneer of the sound, DJ Godfather, like so many in Detroit was inspired by local radio – WJLB, The Electrifying Mojo and Jeff ‘The Wizard’ Mills – but for Brian Jeffries, aka DJ Godfather, it was scratch DJs, hip hop and DMC battles that kick-started his love for turntablism.

DJ Godfather will be closing out the new festival, but not before another Detroit DJ, Zora Monico takes the stage. Zora is a Detroit-grown, multi-talented DJ and producer; focusing her music in Ghetto Tech for venues and Lofi House mixes in her downtime. Breaking through from pandemic DJ to clubs and festivals, Zora was discovered by Dirtybird Records in 2022.

Born and raised in Detroit, the home of Techno, House, and Ghetto Tech – Zora Monico got her start playing at local clubs in the city. She began throwing and playing at her own underground shows where she quickly captured the attention of Techno and House heads alike. Living in music hubs like Detroit, Hong Kong, and Atlanta, Zora has developed a unique taste in electronic music that can move the dance floor.

FrostBeat will run from 12pm to 1030pm at WindsorEats on Saturday, January 27, 2024. Tickets are $30 in advance and $40 at the door. A complete lineup of DJs will be announced shortly.

Tickets are now available for purchase online.