One of Windsor’s most popular and loved festivals, the Carrousel of the Nations, has announced their villages for the 2023 edition of the festival.

The award-winning Carrousel of the Nations is an integral part of the region’s summer festival season. Its vibrant tapestry of villages (mini festivals) throughout the city and surrounding area always highly anticipated each an every year.

Celebrating the diverse heritage and traditions that make Canada’s southernmost city, Windsor, Ontario, a melting pot of cultures, this year’s Carrousel promises an extraordinary experience for all. From the tantalizing aromas of international cuisines to the rhythmic beats of global music, each village offers a captivating glimpse into a different corner of the world.

Prepare to be transported to far-flung destinations without ever leaving Windsor, as Carrousel of the Nations beckons you to explore its enchanting cultural villages.

Carrousel of the Nations has been a free event for 48 years.

This year will see 25 villages operating over two weekends across the city and throughout the weekend offering great food, music, and culture. Here is a look at which cultures will be showcased:

Bavarian Village

June 16-18, 23-25
Heimat Windsor Banquet Centre
1367 Drouillard Road, Windsor, ON N8Y 2R8

Caribbean Village


June 16-18, 23- 25
Windsor West Indian Association Caribbean Centre
2410 Central Avenue, Windsor, ON N8W 4J4

Chinese Village

June 24- 25
Essex County Chinese Canadian Association
1420 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON N8W 1C1

East African Village

June 17-18
Riverside Sportsmen Club
10835 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, ON N8P 1A5

Filipino Village

June 17-18
Filipino Community Centre
935 Northwood Street, Windsor, ON N9E 1A2

German Village


June 24
Fogolar Furlan Club of Windsor
1800 North Service Road, Windsor, ON N8W 1Y3

German Village Leamington

June 24
Leamington Lebanese Club Cedar Lounge (Rhine Danube)
447 Highway 77 North, Leamington ON N8H 3V6

Ghanaian Village

June 24
2760 Howard Avenue, Windsor, ON, N8X 3X6

Greek Village

June 16-18, 23-25
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church
3052 Walker Road, Windsor, ON N8W 3R3

Hungarian Village

June 17-18
Hungarian Cultural Centre – Mindszenty Hall
790 Hanna Street East, Windsor, ON N8X 2N6

Italian Leamington Village

June 23
19 Seacliff Drive East, Leamington, ON, N8H 2L3

Italian Village – Via Italia

June 23-25
Via Italia
Erie Street East between Howard & Parent, Windsor, ON N9A 3Y4

Indian Village

June 24-25
The City Market
1030 Walker Road, Windsor, ON, N8Y 2N5

Lebanese Village Leamington

June 24
Leamington Lebanese Club Cedar Lounge
447 Highway 77 North, Leamington ON N8H 3V6

Macedonian Village

June 17- 18
St. Nicholas Macdenonian Centre
5225 Howard Ave, LaSalle, ON N9A 6Z6

Mexican Village


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June 16-18, 23-25
400 Erie Street East Suite 3, Windsor, ON, N9A 3X4

Nepali – Bhutanese Village

June 18
Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & Creative Arts
664 Victoria Avenue, Windsor, ON, N9A 4N2

Nigerian Village

June 24-25
3176 Walker Road; Windsor, ON N8W 3R5

Polish Beach Village


June 16-18, 23-25
Polish Beach Club
697 Fox Place, Colchester, ON N0R 1G0

Polish Village Windsor

June 16-18
Polish Club / Dom Polski Hall
1275 Langlois Avenue, Windsor, ON N9A 4G2

Scottish Village

June 16-17, 23-24
Scottish Club of Windsor
1340 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON, N8W 1B8

Serbian Gracanica Village


June 23-25
Serbian Centre
6770 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, ON, N8T 1E6

Serbian St. Dimitrije Village

June 17
2690 Seminole St, Windsor, ON, N8Y 1X7

Slovak Village

June 25
St. Cyril`s Slovak Centre
1520 Chandler Road; Windsor, ON, N8Y 4P4

Windsor Korean Village

June 17
The Korean Society of Windsor
506 Irvine Avenue; Windsor, ON, N8X 2T2